Friday, June 26, 2009

The secret behind the truth about abs

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Are you looking to lose body fat? Are you envious of those people who look good in anything and you think it will never be you again? Do not fret! There are types of weight loss exercise programs out there that have been proven to work. It is a program called interval training. It is not just another type of calorie counting program or just plain cardio! It is an all over body workout that is the "key" to successful weight loss.

Interval training is very simply a workout that puts high intensity sessions followed by lower intensity sessions. This works by tricking the body. It confuses it into burning fat at high levels even during the lower intensity because it is used to the high intensity. It seems a bit confusing, but it has been proven in research to work.

A good program out there that follows this type of training is "the truth about six pack abs"! It follows this type sof training for people who are trying to lose stomach fat. The program goes from top of the body workouts, to core workouts, and then finally to the lower body workouts and then starts all over again.

Interval training is both efficient and effective. It is the single best type of workout for increasing metabolism. It not only burns the fat, but it helps you achieve that all over lean sculpted look. Although there are no set rules on how long you should stay on a certain intensity,but the longer you stick to the more intense, the better your results and endurance.

Never sacrifice your rest periods in between intervals. This is just as important as the workout itself. It allows the body to reboot its energy. It is a long stretch away from your regular "cardio" training program. The more intense training allows for your body to respond better to exercise.

The best thing to do, when starting, is to star out slow. You do not want to start out at a very high intensity to begin with, or you can become very sore and possibly injure yourself. You want to build up to the higher intensity programs. It will give you the same results even if you start off slow.

This is really a great way to lose weight and tone your body. You can achieve that wonderful look you have always wanted. It will not happen overnight so the thing to remember is to be patient and stick with it.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Benefits Of The Interval Training Program

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There are many different kinds of exercise programs out there. The truth is that a lot of them fail for one very big reason. Most of them have you doing a run on the treadmill and then maybe some sit ups. The truth is that, with this plan, you do not achieve an all over workout. Doing a bunch of different types of cardio in a circuit type way will help you get that weight loss going faster.
By varying your intensity during your workout, it allows you to get as much work done in a session. Research on this type of turbulence training has shown that it works out both aerobic and anaerobic capacity as where regular continuous training only works out aerobically. This has also been shown to increase the burn of burning off more fats and carbohydrates. This type of workout is one of the best ways to lose belly fat fast! That is known to most women as the most stubborn part of the body to lose.
The interval training has also been linked to better metabolism. It is not fair for diet companies to say that this can be achieved by just counting points or calorie shifting. Yes these processes can help, but in order to have a healthy toned looking body, you must add some kind of training in there. If you just reduce calories you will lose weight, but have skin and sagging muscles associated with it. The only way to prevent that is to follow one of these interval weight loss exercise programs too!
Working out your heart is one of the biggest benefits to interval training. Having a stronger heart will not only give you better health, it will also ensure more calories burned. Working out your body like this turns your body into a fat burning machine. It will not only let you lose the weight initially, it will also help you manage your weight in the future.
The point of all of this is to let you out there, who are trying to lose weight, know that if the process is done properly it does work. Do not believe the hype of all of those other programs who claim to let you lose fifty pounds in two days! Yes! That is a bit of a stretch, but makes as much sense as their actual expectations of their diets. Getting an all over body workout plus a sensible diet will ensure your success.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

HIIT Training: Four Secrets To Get Great Results

What you are going to read about are four secrets that can mean the difference between losing a minuscule amount of weight and an enormous amount of weight. HIIT Training is, in f
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act, difficult at the best of times. There are too many people who suffer through the pain of losing weight without achieving the results they really need. This piece explains the details and gives advice for you to heed in order to be able to lose large amounts of weight when you are doing HIIT training. You can use these tips with programs like Turbulence training for great results

The Secret is in the Intensity

You lose weight quickly with HIIT training because of a process called EPOC. EPOC is a reaction that happens in your body after you have done intense exercise and it relates to how long you burn fat after you have exercised. The volume and duration of EPOC is directly related to the amount of intensity you put into your intervals. An example of this is that EPOC will last for a few minutes after aerobic exercise and up to forty hours with HIIT Training done properly. So when you are in a sprint interval don't hold anything back.

Attention to the Recovery Interval Is the Key to Maximizing Intensity.

The majority of people still maintain a reasonably dynamic speed in their rest intervals, wrongly thinking that this additional exertion may help them to lose more fat at the end of the day. Sadly, this is not true at all. Rest intervals are crucial at allowing you to recuperate sufficiently so that you can do your best in your sprint interval. You can also reduce speed to a snail's pace if it helps you to recuperate sufficiently, the idea being that you regain adequate energy to give it your all once more.

You Create Intensity with Power, not Speed.

You probably have no problem pedaling really quickly on a stationary bike with the resistance set at 1. You can blaze through your workout, but here's the problem: EPOC isn't happening. To see how this works, crank up the resistance and evaluate the results; it's suddenly a lot tougher when you've got resistance to contend with. This jump-starts rapid weight loss.

Eat Before you Exercise

Have you always thought you shouldn't eat right before you exercise? The good news is that this is not true. Research has revealed that whether you eat or not doesn't make any difference in your weight loss. So what is the reason for eating? In fact, the research proved that the intensity of the intervals increased after the athletes were fed. They were able to work out harder and for a longer period than when they didn't eat. Higher intensity causes more EPOC and therefore more fat is lost over the long haul.

For more information and cracking interval routines visit
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Intensity Training Keys - Speeding up your fat loss

Have you ever really wondered how some people are able to lose weight easily and others just struggle and sweat but always have that disappointed look on their face?

Imagine you knew a secret or two that made the weight losers into the successes they are. Well if you want to find out those secrets, I will divulge one, however before we start lets first talk about Intensity Training.

If you aren't doing it, you are severely limiting your ability to lose weight. This is no longer a secret rather a science proven by multiple studies, Intensity Training is the fastest way to lose body fat. The secret in this article will boost your Intensity Training results immensely.

I once trained a middle aged gentleman who was convinced he had a genetic disposition to being fat. "It's in my genes", Mr Harris used to tell me and for the first week or two it looked like he was right. The scale needle looked like it was glued onto his weight.

"So what intervals are you doing?" I asked him. "That machine that works your arms like you are swimming….." he replied. One small tweak to this program and his weight began to fly off.

So what's one of these supercharge changes that's going to accelerate fat loss. Well, the secret is in the choice of muscles that you use to do your Intensity Training.

If you know the basics of why Intensity Training works, then you will know about a little process called Epoc. It's the process of your body replacing the energy stored in your muscles that get used up during intense exercise. This store is an emergency reserve for your body and when it gets used up the body rushes around in a bit of a panic trying to replace it.

If you are on a sensible nutrition plan the only place the body can find energy is to start shoveling out those fat stores. Bigger muscles have bigger stores of energy that need to be replaced. The more energy needed to be replaced, the more fat will be required for energy.

Just think about it this way, what would use more energy, intensely exercising your legs or going balls to the wall on your bicep. So weight loss tip one is use bigger muscles for bigger fat loss.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

HIIT Training - your Perfect Weight Loss Workout.

So, if you are reading this article and don't know anything about HIIT training, I would assume that you interested in losing weight and I'm going to guess that you have tried to lose weight before. Well, if this is the case, let me ask you a question. Did your last weight loss program involve spending an hour or so on the treadmill or stationary bike every day or so? And at the end of the program did you lose all the weight you wanted to? My guess is probably not.

Don't feel bad about this, the worlds majority believes that this is the most effective way to lose weight. You just need to head down to the local gym to see this in action. But here's the problem, steady state aerobic activity is not the right routine for losing fat

Now don't get me wrong, doing any kind of exercise is fantastic, but here's the problem, if your goal is losing weight, aerobic training just doesn't work…

Ok, that's a lie, it does work. It just doesn't work that well. In fact out of all the weapons you have for losing fat, it's the least effective.

But how can this be? When you finish running on the treadmill it always tells you how many calories you burnt during your run? Exercise is tiring; surely we must be losing fat? Well unfortunately not, research suggests that after aerobic exercise our fat burning capacity is actually lowered, resulting in an almost negligible amount of weight lost. And the scary addition to this is that the more aerobic workouts we do, the more resistance our body will have to losing any fat.

So if aerobic training is the pea shooter of weight loss, let me introduce you to the cannon.

High Intensity Interval Training has the opposite effect on our physical system. After a High Intensity Interval Training session, your body goes into a 'fat burning' mode and this can last up to two days after your HIIT session. In addition to burning fat right after your workout, it also encourages your body to burn fat more effectively at all times.

Your muscles start needing more energy and the body chooses to send fat there to be used up instead of to your fat stores. The more you do HIIT Training, the better your body gets at using up energy in this way.

The best method to reduce body fat is through interval training. Try this if you have not been getting any results from jogging on a treadmill. You can start off slow and build up over a few weeks; you and your body with notice the incredible results.